ENCYCLOPAEDIA METALLUM - THE METAL ARCHIVES Well-Worth the 4 Year Wait, Followup Delivers - 92% "If Paleopneumatic is any indication of the state of progressive metal in 2016, we are definitely in good shape." -Watch Your Steppe

METAL TEMPLE "This is a band that needs to be heard and taken into account." -Lior "Steinmetal" Stein

ROCK N' HEAVY 8.7 / 10 -André Sousa

LADY OBSCURE "All in all, what a brilliant album this is." -Rich Jones

MUSIPEDIA OF METAL "...a rewarding intensely musical listen from a band who are musical maestros..."

HEAVY BLOG IS HEAVY "If Paleopneumatic isn’t the album that rockets Dissona into the progressive zeitgeist, then we may just be too undeserving of their talents." Rating: 4/5 -Kyle Gaddo

METAL INJECTION "Dissona have given us a really diverse album that hits on quite a few moods, genres, and influences. Very, VERY well done." -Daniel Cordova


"Terrific album from start to finish."  "...88 out of 100..."